Simultaneous Interpretation
As a self-employed interpretation specialist, I have built professional reputation through International Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Programs, Conventions and Meetings of both governments and private sector with the reliability and quality of my interpretations.

Consecutive Interpretation 
I will never give "translation only" service except for high-governmental level jobs. I interact with my environment very easily and learn very quickly, and therefore improve the communication between the sides very significantly. I try to make both sides feel like they speak in the same language; and I definitely do it (based on countless feedbacks  I got). 

Document Translation 
I cannot always accept document translation jobs because I am very interpretations. However, I have all the professional tools to deliver the documents the most accurate and qualified way (MemoQ, Acrobat DC, Abby FineReader, Transtools+). I accept jobs only if it is in one of the fields I am specialized. I deliver the document in exactly the same format and with %100 consistent and correct terminology.