I have had the opportunity to work with Tuna for two weeks soon now, in classroom with advanced technical training being translated from English to Turkish. Tuna is an excellent translator, which is really easy to work with and he understands and translates technical phrases with ease! Hope to have him in classroom as main translator also for future projects.

Thore Falch - Support Engineer at Jotron

Within the Eaton integration project between the Netherlands and Turkey, Tuna was our help in preventing misunderstandings during technical in-depth meetings. Tuna was also able to master the technology, so in that way a good collaboration could arise. Thank you for your help.

Marcel van Dijk - R&D Material Specialist at Eaton Industries (Netherlands) BV

I had the pleasure of having Tuna to translate Turkish into English for a technical course I was delivering in Italy. One thing that stood out is that Tuna has exceptional listening skills and gives his undivided attention. A rare skill in today's age. Plus, his English skills are near perfect. Not only that but this guy has a great personality, is professional and would be a valuable addition to any team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Tuna and would be more than happy to work with him again.

Phill T. - Software Support Engineer at Jotron

We worked with Mr. Güntürik for 2 days because of an International Conference (International Conference on “Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law: Mediterranean Perspectives" 1-2 June 2022, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Law, Famagusta-TRNC). He provided successfully interpretation/translation services in many sessions of the Conference. In particular, he has successfully translated simultaneously without having terminology problems in the field of law. By making preliminary preparations before the interpretation/translation sessions was also appreciated in terms of his work seriousness and discipline. He had an important role in making the interpretations/translations successful and comfortable during the Conference.

Demet Celik Ulusoy - Associate Professor / Eastern Mediterranean University

We worked with Tuna in Romania in the first study visit of a European Union Project. He has added quality to our study visit activity with his fluent and clear interpretations. He has the same quality level in his written translations. He will definitely be a part of our study visits in the future.

Murat Baser - Portfolio Manager at WeGlobal

I've know Tuna a few months ago during a training with Turkish people and I've been pleased by the quality of his translation... A very speed and accurate translation in technical English.

I hope to work with him again!


Cesare Zaniboni - Training Manager at Sitti

I’ve collaborated with Tuna very well in a continuously adaptive business environment. Tuna has facilitated business meetings and communications between different companies and different cultures, meeting for the first time.
Tuna was very professional, understood the business environment and managed to adapt translations and interpretion to the industry needs.
I warmly recommend Tuna as a valuable support in managing business discussion translation in various languages.

Alexandra Fus - Customer Services Specialist at Valoris

Tuna has been an excellent colleague for us as an interpreter/translator. His quick adaption to industrial world and our family enabled all of us to move ahead and go beyond. The dedication he has been showing is crucial for the company, when we think of continuously changing needs of the business, especially during pandemic, including remote working or working at multiple sites. Last but not least, he is also fun and friendly, which makes him an indispensable member of our community.

Barış Dayıoğlu - Eaton

Reliable person with a high level translation quality.

Emre Çelikel - Owner of Prime Translation Services

Mr. Tuna is a meticulous character that we have been working together for years and trust. He is successful in English-Turkish written and oral translation. You can trust him regarding jobs.

Hakan Atlıhan - Owner of Translation Agency

Tuna and I collaborated on On-site projects providing consecutive interpretation for automotive industry companies. We worked on trainings regarding car body paintshop process lines. I admire his enthusiasm, work ethic and interpretation skills as a colleague. Pleasure to work with.

Furkan Murat Kurtuluş - Translator/Interpreter

I shared the interpretation booth in Cyprus with dear Tuna. He is great as a person and as an interpreter. Looking forward to work together in other meetings again Tuna!

Gülsün Taşdelen Kılıç - Freelance Conference Interpreter

Reference from S.I.T.T.I.

My First Authorization Certificate

Reference Letter from The Eastern Mediterranean University

Reference from Jotron AS, Norway